MOSAIC Volunteers Pitch in for Morley High Flood Relief Donation Sorting

On June 27, 2013, MOSAIC volunteers worked alongside the Bridges Foundation to help communities affected by the flood. The opportunity at Morley Community School was focused towards helping the aboriginal communities and to aid with their efforts to recover. When the MOSAIC volunteers showed up to Morley Community School, we were assigned the role of managing food hampers and cleaning supplies to victims according to the family sizes. Some volunteers were given the task of overlooking the amount of supplies needed according to family size. Also, other volunteers prepared hampers in the back where each box would have certain essentials. Finally, carrying the supplies to each victim's vehicles were done by the remaining volunteers.

The contribution doesn't just end here. The hallways and the gym were full of food to provide flood victims and yet people were insisting on how they could help even more. Cars after cars were providing all kinds of goods that people were willing to donate. Finally, people were providing any sort of manual labor or general coordination to help with the rate of progress. It is very humbling to see the community come together especially in times of adversity.

With so much damage done by the flood, the opportunity was a very humbling experience because we were able to invest our efforts to helping communities recover. With so much left to do and so many victims to help, this is just the beginning of MOSAIC's effort to helping victims recover from the damage.