Request Volunteers

Requesting Volunteers from MOSAIC
Please read this page carefully.
If you are interested in requesting volunteering services, please make sure you meet the following criteria:
1. The request is for general community benefit
2. The request does not include selling of alcohol or other intoxicants
3. The environment is safe for youth
4. There is access to necessary services and emergency contact is possible
5. That you are agreeable to adhere to the information you have provided
6. That you have insurance coverage for the activity you are providing
7. The activity for which the volunteers are being requested is within Canadian laws and adheres to the principals of Canadian charter of rights and freedom
8. The activity is not for personal benefit or partisan politics
All requesting organizations must register for a member organization account which is free with no cost. After you have an organizational account you may login to the site and will be presented directions on how you can request MOSAIC volunteers for your events. Once you are in the member area after login, you can request for volunteers from ‘volunteer -> Request New Volunteer’ from the volunteer drop down menu located on the top menu bar. Please make sure to jot down our email and inform us that you have completed the form. Some links located in the right column may not be available to you if you are already logged in. If you already have an account, please login right now to continue to the next step.